Guild Level 6
Oct 15, 2014
Guild Master

-*Glorious image courtesy of 8bitjew*-


The Order of the Bootyspanks is an old and lore-filled organization. Ever since there have been booties, there have been Bootyspanks to smite them. Now, we call upon our lost brethren! Heed the booty call and join us on our noble crusade!
Following your show of loyalty as part of your initiation, you will become a full-fledged Bootyspank. You will be given a new name, the name of one of the fabled Bootyspanks of old! You will also be given a place in the "Resident Bootyspanks" list; A fine honor indeed, to be included in the Hall of Bootyspanks! Free hats as well to all who heed the booty call!*
*Free hats not included.

In order to become a FULL MEMBER thou must spank 10 booties aggressively!
How this is done does not concern your brother and sister Bootyspanks, for it is the journey that truly matters -not the goal. However, politeness is encouraged within the Order, therefore if thou art concerned thine booty-spanking might be met with some unpleasantness, ask before thou spankst!

And Always Remember!
A spank in the hand is worth two in the bush!