Guild Level 29
Sep 29, 2016
Guild Master

We play all games here on the Hypixel Network! But our best games here on Hypixel are Sky Wars,Mega Walls,Blitz Survival Games and Bed Wars! We are looking for active,fun and nice players here in Nonstop. We are only getting better and if we fall we will rise even higher! We also host parties in various games across the server,there will always be someone wanting to play with you!
Remember,exceptions can be made
You only have to meet
1 of the following requirements
Network Level: 125 or more
Bed Wars: 2000 kills,250 wins,1000 finals or Bed Wars level 25 (You must meet 3 of the Bed Wars
SkyWars: 1500 Wins,15000 Kills,Diamond Division,KD of 1.35 or 4 Maxed Mega Skywars Kits (You must meet 3 of the SkyWars requirements)
Blitz Survival Games: 300 Wins ,5000 kills or a KD of 1 (you gotta meet 2 of these requirements)
Mega Walls: 5000 Kills and 300 Wins
Smash Heroes: 4000 Kills, 400 wins, 2 Prestiges or Smash Level 120 (You gotta meet the 2 of the Smash Heroes Requirements)
TNT Games: TNT Run: 800 Wins. TNT Wizards: 5000 Kills or 500 Wins. Bow Spleef: 500 Wins. TNT Tag: 500 Wins. (You must meet 3 requirements in TNT Games)
Cops And Crims: 4000 Kills and 400 Wins
Crazy Walls: 150 Wins or 1500 kills
Warlords: 5000 kills and 400 Wins
Turbo Kart Racers: 300 Gold Trophies
Sky Clash: 5000 Kills and 400 Wins
UHC: 900 Kills,50 Wins or 6 Stars (You gotta meet 2 of the UHC requirements)
Arena Brawl: 2000 Kills and 1000 Wins
Paintball Warfare: 20000 Kills and 300 Wins
Speed UHC: 1500 Kills or 150 Wins
Vampire Z: 7000 Kills and 500 Wins
Quakecraft: 20000 Kills and 500 Wins
The Walls: 2000 Kills and 300 Wins

If you for example have 1000 wins and 10000 kills in SkyWars and 4000 kills in MegaWalls
you can still join.

But these requirements are also important:

Be active
Be nice and kind
Try to be as fun and welcoming as possible
Swearing is allowed,but not too much!
Try to keep the toxicity away
Be active in guild chat and in game

Thank you for reading!

Guild Rules

Don't spam
Keep the toxicity away
Be nice in guild chat
Don't hack
You are allowed to swear but keep it limited
If a guild member is rude in party chat,keep it in party chat
or tell Gemico

If someone doesn't feel comfortable when you speak a language other than English you are expected to stop

You get 3 warnings,if you break the rules again after your 3 warnings you get KICKED

Guild Discord:
Guild Thread:
Guild Plug DJ:
Guild Website:


Elation- Owner GameDNM

Constant is the second guild of Nonstop. Constant will have lower standards but thus we are two different guilds we will be one big community. We will host events and more together. Members can advance from Constant to Nonstop if they want to.​

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