Guild Level 63
BedWars Rank 6
Sep 5, 2017
Guild Master
1.) Being disrespectful towards any of the staff/members can result in a mute/ban, if they think it's necessary in any circumstance.

2.) Please don't bother the staff for unnecessary things. For example, like begging for helper, or asking for a friend request.

3.) Wait patiently for your chance to join the guild. Since we're unable to have more than 125 members, not everyone can join, especially with a large community.

4.) Be chill, the guild is something for the community to be enjoying themselves in, and we don't want problems created. So in situations where you might make someone uncomfortable, this can cause people to feel unwelcomed.

-If the staff kick you for insufficient exp, you're allowed to rejoin by joining the waitlist, which we'll make sure to contact/invite you when ready.

-You're expected to earn the needed exp a day (currently 7,200 a day = ~50,000 a week). Though we want to be fair towards everyone, we'll have a few exceptions for those who are unavailable. So please contact any of the guild staff if you're going on vacation, or will be unable to play for a while. This way you won't be kicked for being unavailable for whatever reason.