Guild Level 25
Mar 29, 2016
Guild Master
Yellow Society was a guild from very early 2014 exactly when guilds came out, called as YellowTeam but changed to YellowSociety for banter. XxcouncerzxX disbanded it November 2014, now we did a revamp, the guild is only for people that has old friendship, original names and farming to everything a guild needs, like our old guild :(

Just some old history about this guild: MajesticPegasus (First Max Zombie) and MidgetM (first maxed enderman) made this and many old players like 122 and bonecrusher joined here for a while.

Nice to know: AYS stole our name, and we stole their first name "KOTB" and made it "KOTO" together with YS, KOTO stands for Keepers Of The OG, we predicted the mw future.

Now its basically a veteran guild with friends and stuff, not like the old one hehe.

Also official guild cape: