Guild Level 70
Jun 11, 2018
Guild Master
[ Welcome to XAL! ]

We see that you have stumbled upon our forums, so here's a little bit about us!
[ A Little About XAL ]

XAL was formed June 11 of 2018, so it's still a new guild! We have people from a lot of games on Hypixel, and wish to keep expanding ( it also isn't all that competitive, it's more fun to hang out than anything). We do not promote toxicity or trolls, so this might not be the place for you if you're one of those people. Otherwise, keep reading! (And feel free to ask questions you might have)
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[Basic Rules]

-No toxicity, racism or anything that can fit under the category,"DISRESPECTFUL"

-We go by Hypixel's chat rules, with the addition that we accept light language. Please do not abuse this.

-Do NOT ask the guild to WDR or target a player.

-Please don't ask for a promotion, we'll promote players as they gain the right to over time.

-Inactivity WILL result in a kick from the guild (3 weeks). You can contact a staff on discord to let us know if you'll be out for a long amount of time.

-Don't be dumb! Use common sense and think before you act!