Guild Level 3
Sep 9, 2019
Guild Master
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So much more than a guild

We are a non-competitive, friendly and relaxed forum guild with the sheer purpose of building community and bringing together forumers. We are looking for significantly active and friendly forumers to help us create a bigger community. We were founded on 9/9/2019 by @Funny and we hope to quickly grow into a thriving, active and fun forum guild to be a part of!

Like most guilds, we ask that you meet some requirements to prove your dedication and to show that you're an active forumer. You must meet at least 1 of the following requirements in order to join the guild:
⌨ 500 Messages
⌨ 1,000 positive ratings
You must also:

⌨ Have your forum account linked with your in-game account

Of course, we do have rules to abide by. It's really nothing crazy and you should have no problem following them. Keep in mind that you will first receive a warning, then a punishment if you still refuse to cooperate. You can re-apply after 1 month. The rules are as follows:
⌨ Keep swearing to a minimum on the forums and in-game.*
⌨ Be mature and stay appropriate on the forums and in-game.*
⌨ Do not ask for officer. I will give the rank as I see fit.
⌨ Obey the Hypixel rules and just use common sense.
*We have rules like this in place because you are representing the guild. Immature and inappropriate behavior will shine a bad light on the guild and will notbe tolerated. Because the whole point of the forums is sending messages, we will be a lot more picky about these rules.

Now that you're familiar with the guild, it's time to apply! Please copy & paste the following format below and type out your answers to apply for the guild:
Forum username:
Number of posts:
Positive Ratings:
1 interesting fact about you:

*Not required, but highly preferred if you included it

Thank you for reading, and we hope you consider joining Wrong Section!​