Guild Level 15
Jun 14, 2017
Guild Master

Founded 6/14/2017
Wizard Order was founded in order to create a small community of members who value friendship, playing together and having fun. Our members are active in all of the games available on Hypixel, you'll see us in every lobby. We are looking for respectful individuals who share these values and actively communicate in-game and in our Slack.

In order to join Wizard Order, we require applicants to be 14 years old. If you wish to join, please copy paste the format below and reply to this thread. You will be contacted by a Guild officer via a forum conversation. Try to show us your personality in your application, this will make your chance of success higher. You may apply once per month. We request you do not message us about your application, we try to respond within 7 days. Please copy paste the format below and paste it as a reply HERE.

1| General Information
  • Minecraft username:
  • Age:
  • Rank:
  • Timezone:
  • Twitter (if you have one) @:
2| Why are you applying to join Wizard Order?

3| Are you motivated to ever become a Helper?

4| What is the reason you left your last Guild?

5| What gamemodes do you like to play on Hypixel?

6| Anything else you want to share with us?

Note: Lying will disqualify you from ever joining the Wizard Order.


  • All Hypixel rules apply.
  • Please don't use Guild chat/Slack to contact Staff members. The Guild contains Staff members, however this is not the appropriate way to communicate about Staff related issues.
  • Do not create drama.