Guild Level 50
Smash Heroes Rank 9
Legacy Rank 40
Nov 11, 2014
Guild Master
About The Guild
Once a prestigious Mega Walls guild, Virtual Savage was transformed into one of the best Smash guilds on the server by LEGENDxREMIX. After he left Minecraft, the guild was passed down to Lampaler. The guild was a highly prestigious guild that included the best of the best players, but had decreased in players and shrunk down to a few resilient members. There was a lack of play for months after the 'death' of Savage, but that was not to be for long. I had decided to attempt to revive Virtual Savage as an officer and spent lots of time inviting members into the guild in an effort to bring it back. This unfortunately did not reach the success I had hoped for, since there was no way for me to set up roles and officers there there was a lack of people that could promote the guild and expand. Restrictions with the guild system caused me to send the thirty some members from Savage into a more active guild, Kwicc AF. The merge went smoothly, and the fused guild grew and thrived. Then it happened, the moment I was awaiting for months, the old guild master Lampaler came back. This is where we are now, there is now a new and more active guild master who is aspiring to finish reviving Virtual Savage back to it's old glory.

We simply ask you to conduct yourself, inside the guild and outside, as a decent and respectable player. Spam and extreme toxicity is not appreciated and members that exhibit these traits will be punished.

You must meet these requirements to join the guild, request to join by messaging an officer through the forums or in game.

Smash Heroes: 2,000 wins, 8,000 kills, and atleast 400 Smash Levels.

If you meet these requirements and would like to join, ask an officer for an invitation.