Guild Level 7
Aug 30, 2015
Guild Master
About us
> We play all games, some more then others.
> We are mainly a community guild. Often playing games together.
> We do some GvGs, planning more for the future.
> Excellent guild staff.
> Guild founded by @ferociousdog (current owner), @sahand12 (current officer), @Soccerplayer2233 (retired)
> We have a website, used mainly for planning GvGs and communication for guild staff.
> We do have motd, tag, and party. Also a solid amount of spare coins.
> 3 most popular guild games: 1) mega walls, 2) sky wars, 3) smash heroes/arcade. However we do play all games.
> We do NOT use TS (officially), this is because a lot of the Hypixel community cannot use it for many reasons.
> Applications: Open
> Rebranded from Blazing Fury

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