Guild Level 9
Aug 18, 2017
Guild Master
Twin-Tail Club

Guild Master : GhostyDev
Officers : Undertale_Luver, DerpyTristan
Members : fnaf_36, ShotoTodoroki01, Cosmic_Shadowz7, Tami_babo_mogu, danster46

Welcome to the Twin-Tail Club guild forum! This is a guild for those who love the Twin-Tail hairstyle (If you couldn't tell already.)!


The Awnser is simple.
Keep the love for Twin-Tails safe from disappearing, of course!
Talk about twintails and share pictures of twintails.
But mostly play games on Hypixel and obsess over how wonderful twintails are :3

This is a causal guild and we can play whatever games you like. If you would like to play hypixel games with me you can ask anytime in the guild chat, I'm online often. If you would like to chat you can ask me in-game or private message me anytime on the forums. I'm sure the other guild members would like to as well.

This guild also has a Discord, it is not mandatory to join but with it you can talk to each other freely, post your art, and allot of other cool stuff! I'll also be hosting events in the discord so if you want to be in a deeper part of the community you should join!

Why Twintails?
You may not reilize it but, twintails are popular and loved!

There is a day dedicated to the love of Twin-Tails! National Twin-Tail Day! The Japanese government has officially designated February 2nd as Twin-Tail Day.
Fans had designated the date a long time ago – 2/2 or 02/02 kind of look like pairs of twin ponytails from the side, if you stare!

Have you not heard of the anime / light novel, Gonna Be the Twin-Tail? It’s based all around the love for Twin-Tails.

There are also so many characters, not just in anime, with the Twin-Tail hairstyle!

Twintails can have so many forms and styles put into them! They are very diverse hairstyle! Some of the twintail variations include twin drills and twin braids.

· You must love Twin-Tails to join
· Be somewhat active on Hypixel
(would be appreciated, but you don't have to push yourself)
· Have a Hypixel Forum account for update purposes
(you don't have to have one, but would be useful)

This guild doesn't really have any rules.
Just be respectful to the other guild members,
because everyone deserves some respect.

I want this to be a friendly guild so
that anyone who joins can enjoy.
Wanna Join?
Just fill out the application layout below and I will let you join if requirements met!
(do this on the guild thread or in private message, you can copy this and paste it there to fill it out)

Link to Thread:

Application Layout:
In game name:
Do you love Twin-Tails?:
Favorite Twin-Tailed Character or idol (optional):
Are you sure you want to join this guild?:

❤ I hope you decide to join my guild ❤
"Does a person need a reason to love twintails?"