Guild Level 62
Legacy Rank 34
Jan 27, 2014
Guild Master
We are a guild with founders who have been around as long as the server. Starting off as a group of friends who enjoy playing on the server, we decided to open the guild for you to join us.

The guild plays a variety of games across the server including ones off the Hypixel Network. Predominantly, you will find the main guild members playing either Warlords, Blitz, Walls 2 or Mega Walls, but we play all game types.

The majority of the guild is Australian but that doesn't mean you can’t join! Unfortunately, it does mean that your peak times for play will be different to our peak times; so you would have to stay up late or get up early if you wanted to participate with guild events such as GvGs, UHCs and Shenanigan Sundays, sorry <3.