Guild Level 15
Mar 10, 2018
Guild Master
"What... have I done?"
MUN asks to themselves as they scanned the area in which they have made a mess in.
It all started when MUN wanted to become better at their power, and so, they created
a small realm for themselves in order to practice their abilities and hone their skills,
because one mess up with their abilities can lead to a chain reaction of detrimental
effects on both the timeline, as well as the multiverse. They've made a lot of mistakes
before, and MUN made it a lifelong goal to carry out their Reality Breaker duties with
little to no mistakes.

However, this mistake was far different. As well as a bit... weird.

Gazing at the mess they have made, all they could see was... balls. Footballs,
baseballs, tennis balls, American Footballs, playground balls, even a couple boulders or
two. Blinking their eyes twice, registering their tomfoolery, they never expected that they
could be able to morph objects... well this is certainly one way to find out about
a new power that you possess.

Taking a deep breath, deciding that it would be best to slip out and destroy this realm as
quickly as they can before the higher-ups discover it. Flicking out their hand, they summoned
a green portal before them, and briskly they walked towards it. They stopped just before
they entered it, getting one last look of the chaos they have created, before muttering;
"Leeeeet's just hope VEE doesn't catch sight of this in the timeline..."
They then turned their attention back to the portal, and swiftly walked through it,
it closing behind them as the realm of balls remained quiet, still, and unmoving.

Until suddenly... the balls started to hum to life.