Guild Level 72
BedWars Rank 6
Build Battle Rank 12
Quakecraft Rank 16
The TNT Games Rank 17
Paintball Warfare Rank 24
Speed UHC Rank 25
Oct 3, 2017
Guild Master
The Storm Upon Us - Hypixel Guild

-=About Storm=-
Storm is one of the oldest Bedwars guilds on Hypixel, and we have been consistently ranked among the top 3 Bedwars guilds throughout our existence. We are Guild Level 53, ranked #28 on Hypixel for Guild Experience, and we have the Yellow Tag [STORM]. Aside from playing Bedwars, the guild has expanded to many other popular games on the server in an attempt to gain more recognition not just in Bedwars, but across the server. We hope that in the near future we may climb to top 10 on the server for Guild Experience, and that we will continue to be an active presence throughout Hypixel.

-=Guild Requirements=-
We ask that you meet at least one of the sets of requirements for each gamemode to join.
2k wins, 200 stars, 4 fkdr, & 1.25 W/L ratio -- exceptions are frequently made
Build Battle: 15k score & 500 wins
Skywars: 13 stars, 1k wins, & 8k kills
Duels: 3k wins & 2.5 W/L ratio
Cops vs Crims: 750 wins & 15k overall kills
TNT Games: 1k wins OR prestige in one gamemode
Murder Mystery: 2.5k wins
Arcade: 750 wins
Classic Games: 3000 lifetime tokens (checked on & one of the following requirements:
--VampireZ: 250 wins & either 2k vampire kills OR 1k human kills
--TKR: 250 total trophies
--Quakecraft: 7.5k kills & 200 wins

-=How to join=-
Apply for Storm by following the application format in the #guild-application channel in our discord: