Guild Level 53
Nov 27, 2016
Guild Master
Guild Info:
Name: The Mutants
Created: Nov. 27, 2016
Level: 46
The Mutants Guild has been around for almost 3 years, is the #414 Top Guild. about six months ago we were in the top 350, but some people in the guild became less active because of what was happening in their real lives, including the Guild Master.
And now we are trying to revive the Guild and get top 350 Guild back!
Requirements to Join:
(You must have one of these):
Hypixel Level 50
Bedwars Level 75
Skywars Wins 750
Achieved Ranked Skywars Gold division
Be in any Diamond division in duels
All mini-games (server-wide) total wins 1000

How to Join:

You must meet the requirements to join
Start a conversation with @UltimateImpulse and ask to be invited
Join our discord server and request to join the guild:


Join our Discord! Everyone is welcomed!
LAST UPDATED: Sept. 20, 2019