Guild Level 12
Apr 1, 2016
Guild Master
About Our Guild
This guild started as a place where players could find others to play with in all game modes. At its time of creation, most other guilds focused on only a few gamemodes, but we like a variety. So, we created this guild for people like us who just want a casual, laid back guild where they can play and be social with others without worrying about stat or activity requirements. For us, guilds are about socializing and being able to find people to play with, not grinding for stats.

Notice: The guild is now basically inactive, but it's old so we didn't want to just delete it. You can still join if you really want to.


We have no prior requirements and no application is necessary. To join, simply message Eyir in-game or on the forums and you'll be invited. However, before asking to join, please read the rules in the next section to be sure this guild is a good fit for you. You may also want to double-check that you have guild invites enabled.

1. Keep toxicity to a minimum
2. No raging in guild chat (keep it in /pchat or /msg) ;)
3. No spamming the guild chat
4. All ages are welcome, but try to act mature
5. Follow Hypixel's server rules in addition to our rules