Guild Level 56
Sep 1, 2017
Guild Master
Leader: xFlipout


The GG Army is a semi-competitive guild owned by xFlipout. The GG Army was technically created in 2017 but became active in January 2019 when Flipout and Xoah started playing and started to make it into what it is today. Our main games are Skywars, Bedwars, UHC, and SkyBlock. We have many good players in all games, but those are the most prominent. For more info about the guild check out the HISTORY and FUN FACTS sections.

Some fun facts about The GG Army are...

We have our own custom merch (hoodies, tees, stickers, etc.)
We host tournaments very often, with awesome rewards!
We have an active discord server where most announcements are made
We had over 120 members before, but we kicked inactive members.

We have players all over the world!


You must meet all normal requirements to be accepted:
Hypixel level 30+

Be mature at all times, even if someone is being mean to you
Active on discord and Hypixel
Some exceptions may be made, but very rarely

You must meet 2 extra requirements to be accepted:
Bedwars level 75+
Skywars level 8+
UHC level 2+
50+ arcade wins

Speed UHC level 2+
50+ duels wins
5+ Blitz wins
Pit level 75+
Network level 100+


Minecraft username:
Discord name and #: (not required)
Hypixel level:
How often do you play Hypixel:
(insert 2 or more extra requirements)


You can also send a friend request to xFlipout and talk to him about applying without using the forums! (He should be able to receive any messages, even if he's not on your friends list).


Click here for more in-depth statistics

Originally created in January 2017

First 2 members were FlipoutPvP and Rebkai
(now xFlipout and xoah)
Started playing in January 2019

Reached level 5 in January 2019
Reached level 10 in February 2019
Reached level 20 in April 2019
Reached level 30 in May 2019

Renamed to The GG Army in June 2019
Reached level 40 in August 2019
Became a top 500 guilds in August 2019

Reached 100 million GEXP in August 2019
Reached level 50 in October 2019
Reached top 400 guilds in November 2019
(More will be added here as time goes on)


(More media to be added)


Guild leader- The leader of the guild, xFlipout
Co-Leader- A select few, chosen to be second in command, only given to the best of the best
Officer- Very active in discord and on Hypixel, has access to muting

Commander- A rank with not many permissions, a stepping stone to get to officer
Lieutenant- The first rank that you can get, no special permissions
Recruit- The default rank, a member of the guild

Leader- xFlipout
Co-Leaders- Bakuscout, RacerGG, NarutoUltraChan

Officers- 50mil, PokeyUltraChan, HighFiveLink, CardoChan
Commanders- Klashghost, Skyblock_Slave, TekenBlade, Bl1tzcrankk
Lieutenants- ezSlango, xLqftClick, oSleeq, ButterBlock486
Last updated December 9, 2019


Some guilds that are allied with The GG Army are...
Leader: Raingamma

-The Addicts-
Leader: Fyxt

Apply here to become a member of The GG Army!

Helpers, Admins, Mods, and YouTubers automatically accepted!