Guild Level 42
Sep 12, 2019
Guild Master
-- About The Everlast --
Our guild main in Bedwars and Skyblock, but we play other games as well such as Skywars, Duels, and much more. We play other games for fun on some occasions though. In this guild, we are very nice and friendly towards each other. We do not have hatred towards anyone, especially severe hate. Although our guild may not be a very high-leveled guild, we offer bunches of active players and guildmates for you to play with. We will be doing GVGs in the future. (Guild vs Guild) There will not be any warnings when it comes to bullying, so feel comfortable in this guild. If someone else is hurting your feelings, tell us and will prevent it from happening again. We are never toxic or get salty whether or not we lose or win a game. We accept our loss and if someone gets scammed, we do our best to try helping the member or report the scammer.

-- History of The Everlast --
Our guild was created in 2019, September 12. I, ByeHi was not the creator of the guild, but an Admin in the guild. Sadly, the creator of the guild (won't be named) left and made me the Guild Master. I tried my best to make the guild active and invited a bunch of members whom I didn't know. We reached over 100 members, but sadly most of the members were inactive nor professional, so I kicked many members and invited active members. After I created a thread (old one) a really nice person helped me organize many events. The guild started to fade away a month ago, so many members either left or became inactive. That is when Xialeung helped me with making up requirements for the guild. The guild started to glow after Xialeung's help. I am really thankful to Xialeung and wish players reading this thread would consider joining the guild!

-- Guild Master --
[MVP+] ByeHi
-- Admin --
-- Moderator --
[MVP+] Eduardoxx [MVP+] sry_bye_
Rest of the Guild Players

-- Elite --
200+ Bedwars star, 15+ Skywars star, 5k wins in Duels, Get a lot of guild exp.
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If you would wish to apply, go to this link!

FAQ for Guid:
Is there a Discord?
Yes, there is discord and it is public for anyone to join.:D

Do we have events within the guild?
Yes, we host events such as GVGs because we want players in the guild to have fun playing together as a team and build a better relationship with each other. However, you need to apply for GVGs because although it is a friendly community, we want to win GVGs. When you apply for GVG, you will probably be accepted because as I said, we want to play together as a team and not exclude others who want to attend GVGs. It would be a great experience. :p

How do I get promoted?
In this guild, the ranking system is Member, Elite, Officer, Co-Officer, Master,
Guild Master. There is a requirement to be promoted to Elite, but not for Officer and higher because those ranks are those who I trust and help me a lot with events.
In order to get promoted to Elite, you need to either be:
200+ Bedwars Star, 15+ Sw Star, or 150+ Hypixel Network.

If I get kicked out of the Guild, can I join back?
The answer is yes. It actually depends on why you got kicked. If you got kicked for inactivity and have a reason behind it, we will invite you back. If you got kicked for being toxic and disrespectful to members in the guild, there is a possibility that you are going to be invited back if you show that you are not going to be toxic nor disrespectful.:D

How do I apply for GVGs?
When we do GVGs, we have a player that tests applicants with UHC and Skywars duels if they are decent enough to be in the GVG. We will put players on a particular game mode they are good at. Such as Bedwars, Skywars, and Duels.:cool: