Guild Level 11
Oct 31, 2017
Guild Master
Hi, welcome to Chili's (just kidding)
Welcome to The Delusive!
A guild by ArxCitadel

If you're looking for a chill guild that plays Skywars, Bedwars, Duels, or Build Battle, look no further! Delusive is for you. This is a fun guild where we all strive to be positive for everyone! :D


Hypixel Level 75+
3000 Achievement Points
500+ wins in Skywars
1000+ wins in any Duels Mode
200+ wins in Bedwars
Has never been permanently muted
Has no more than 2 bans (you have to explain why)
Has to be 13+ years of age.

If you want to join, or want more info about the guild, just send me a message on my Hypixel profile page and I will be happy to assist you.
You can apply by messaging me in a private lobby on Hypixel. We can set up a date to do this.

As always, have a wonderful day everyone!

Your guildmaster and future friend,