Guild Level 75
Paintball Warfare Rank 1
Crazy Walls Rank 1
Speed UHC Rank 3
Turbo Kart Racers Rank 3
Arcade Games Rank 4
The Walls Rank 4
Quakecraft Rank 4
Blitz Survival Games Rank 4
Arena Brawl Rank 5
Duels Rank 7
VampireZ Rank 8
The TNT Games Rank 8
Warlords Rank 8
Smash Heroes Rank 8
Build Battle Rank 8
Cops and Crims Rank 14
Mega Walls Rank 14
Legacy Rank 7
Jul 17, 2014
Guild Master

The BloodLust


Hello everyone, we, The BloodLust guild are transferring guilds. We are transferring to the guild that was formerly known as Altitude. Palomer, the previous Owner, has asked us to carry on Altitude’s Legacy as a top guild on the Hypixel Server. Altitude was known as one of the biggest Guilds to ever exist on the server with 200+ Members at its peak (Consisted of multiple Guilds). Moreover people knew it for their record breaking XP Parties, Giveaways and its general presence across the whole network. Before Altitude completely fading out the Guild managed to achieve its well deserved #7 Legacy Leaderboard spot. This spot was entirely accomplished by the Altitude Community and we do not at all take credit for that position. We were asked to continue its legacy and we will do so with honour.

The reason why we are transferring is that we thought that older guilds got a massive head start guild level wise. This transfer gives us a chance to get #1 on that leaderboard as well. You can see, we are #1 guild wins since the guild update but we are nowhere near guild level leaderboards because of older guilds getting such a head start.

Yes, it is true, it is a massive advantage for us to move to this guild, but were carefully chosen by Palomer and he believes we would be the best fit for this Guild and for that we truly want to thank him!
This benefits us in many ways, and we promise to try our best to not only remain but also climb up the guild level leaderboards.​

The BloodLust Management