Guild Level 59
Jan 19, 2019
Guild Master
Hey there!

This is the information page of the The Addicts!

Since this is quite a new guild, materials for the guild are still being developed. Please be patient and wait for them if you need them.
This guild is not specifically centered towards any game, and we welcome players from Bedwars, to Crazy Walls, to the Pit, etc.
Guild Discord: Here!
Message me for more info @ fyxt#9999

Guild Master
[MVP+] Fyxt
Guild Managers

[MVP++] Lachylan
Guild Advisors
[VIP] Tapnix
+] oZepyr
[VIP] Dabombinable

[MVP+] Skorpion_
[MVP+] Empale
(Applications for Guild Staff can be found on the Guild Discord)
Requirements for the guild:

- 3k GEXP per day
- 3 Daily Challenges completed per day
- Hypixel level of 25 or more
- 1000 skywars kills or 100 skywars wins, or 6 stars
- 500 Bedwars kills or 100 Bedwars wins, or 50 stars
- 30 Kills in UHC or 3 stars, or 2 wins.
- 200 duels wins or 400 duels kills
- 600 BSG kills or 50 wins
- 300 MW Kills or 30 wins
- 200 Murder mystery wins
- 80 TNT games wins
- 1000 Quake kills, 30 wins
- 130 Arcade wins (in the same game)
- Pit Prestige 2
- 20 Warlords wins or 200 kills
- 1000 Build Battle rating or more
If you excel in any other gamemodes, e.g: PTL, classic, please apply with one on the list and that one. The guild master will decide if you are accepted or not.

How to join:
All you have to do is reply on this thread here - We will get back to you in a matter of days.

-- UwU Nation --
Guild Master
[MVP++] Ezyo
-- Nightshades --
Guild Master
[MVP+] HeLikesMangoes
[MVP++] SheLikesCherries
-- The Goodest Group --
Guild Master

-- FR0STY --
Guild Master

[MVP+] Xeify
-- Cave Game --
Guild Master

[MVP+] kwildcats

If you want to become guild allies, you must be +5, or -5 of our guild level. Please reply on this same thread if you do.