Guild Level 32
Oct 10, 2018
Guild Master
The Talibs

The Talibs is a guild inspired of MeeZoid's HCF Series, the "Taliban" Created by myself on October 10, 2018, later I invited oFreezing, and OoNinja.


We have no specific requirements if you would like to apply for The Talibans, please join our discord below and click on the link in #information


While setting up the discord, I decided to make it public instead of private allowing more people to join our community if they pleased.

You may join our discord using this link ->

Our Discord features:

  • Plenty of voice channels!
  • Separate channels for Taliban members and non members!
  • Custom voice channels!

Current Staff

  • Honcho - DaddyLs
  • Co Honcho - oFreezing
  • Vizier - OoNinja and Adamster
  • Divine - Koister and Inspiredtohack

Guild Rankings

Honcho - Guild Master
Vizier - Head Officer
Divine - Officer
Soldier / Noble - Safe Member
Peasant - Trial