Guild Level 34
Guild Rank 19
BedWars Rank 5
Build Battle Rank 7
Quakecraft Rank 14
The TNT Games Rank 16
Speed UHC Rank 19
Oct 3, 2017
Guild Master
The Storm Upon Us (BedWars Guild)

Be respectful and mature.
No spamming / raging.
Tell the guild leader / officer when you will not be playing for a long period of time.

Requirements to join
You have to be atleast 130+ stars with a 4+ fkdr and 1500+ wins
But we also have some exceptions for people who are 60+ stars with a 10+ fkdr and 500+ wins
Be a good player
Be active on Bedwars

How to join?
Message me or an officer on Discord
or apply on Storm's Discord
Also, you can apply here