Guild Level 6
Oct 18, 2016
Guild Master

hi there! welcome to the agent army's corner of the hypixel forums! this guild is 100% family friendly and all of our guild members encourage you to join you must apply to our rules.

if you also want to learn anything about the guild master keep on reading until the bottom :)

  1. be sure to stay online. if not you must give a reason for your absence and give a notice if your not online
  2. must be 10+ at the latest. sometimes we will allow you if your under the age.
  3. all hypixel rules apply!
  4. treat people the way you want to be treated this means be fair, nice and respectful!
  5. don't be racist, act inappropriately and don't swear much. there could be people under the age of 10 :/
  6. encourage people such as friends to join our guild to make it thrive and get more stuff such as guild tag and hopefully guild fortress in future :)
  7. follow the rules or you will be kicked. but there is also a warning system which will be explained after this.
  8. listen to peoples ideas for the guild even if your a member.
  9. if you see anyone breaking a rule take a screen shot and show me through message, forums etc.
  10. make sure to have fun and make new friends so we can keep this guild family friendly for everyone all ages!

Warning System!:

the warning system is to keep the guild family friendly for all players in the guild also to make sure people follow the rules in the future.

each person gets 3 warnings each. these are permanent warnings so be careful in what you say and what your actions are in the guild!

officers and guild masters can be strict with rules and will take action if needed such as getting a mod or helper to mute/ban you.

things such as: virus links, inappropriate images/references, drug references, asking for deep personal information and racism such as: race, religion, country. IS NOT TOLERATED! it will be a straight kick from the guild. and probably report it to a mod or helper to get you banned or muted.

also being a pervert or wearing a inappropriate skin

please follow this system and try not to break any rules. thank you!

Info about the guild master MatPat__:

Hey guys im MatPat_ also known as the guild master of The Agent Army. like the info states above we are a family friendly guild. I am actually the age of 12 and I live in the UK.

you may think: 10+ can only be in the guild? and the guild master is young?? Whhyyy?!!? well that's because I like people who can be positive and actually mature we do like to be funny but sometimes its good to be in mature mode. now like I said in the main details it says that some under 10+ can be allowed in the guild and we do have a few I think im not completely sure lol.

now its abit of a mix to be honest. I can be cheery and in a funny mode but its when bad things happen like a friend left Minecraft, you loose a friend irl etc. that starts to get me down a lot. I've had many of those experiences and manage to get through them so don't worry about me.

I have 2 cats which are both black and 1 is really fluffy and one is just thin fur ;-; the fluffy ones a girl and non fluffy ones a boi. their names are: Chester(male) and Katie(Female of course.)

k that's abit about me if you also see me on Hypixel feel free to chat to me :3 im always open to convos and I even love to rant on the forums sometimes XD Cya!

hope you all have a nice day and hope you had fun reading! have a nice day and also if you have any issues/problems you can contact people on the forums such as: @MatPat_, @TechGamerZ or even @MozzWozz. also find the guild master or any officers on hypixel :3

Thanks again!

-The Agent Army's Guild Master.