Guild Level 35
Nov 27, 2016
Guild Master
Guild Info:
Name: The Mutants
Created: 2016/11/27
Level: 16
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Join our Discord! everyone is welcomed!!

Requirements to Join:
(You must have one of these):
Hypixel Level 50
Bedwars Level 75
Skywars Wins 750
Achieved Ranked Skywars Gold division
Be in any Diamond division in duels
All mini-games (server wide) total wins 2000
How to Join:
You must meet the requirements to join
Start a conversation with me and ask to be invited/accepted
Join our discord server and request to join the guild:

Reasons for being Kicked and/or demoted:
1. Offline for 30+ days without notice
2. Swearing/Spamming in /chat g
3. Breaking the Hypixel Rules

4. I get multiple complaints about your attitude

How to get promoted to Trusted
You must be qualified for at least 2 of these:
1. Know me IRL
2. Be the most active “Member” for a while
3. Join the Discord server
4. Be on a leaderboard
5. Get 5 other players to join the guild
or you could just be very active and I promote you for that