Guild Level 49
Guild Rank 32
Murder Mystery Rank 1
Mar 15, 2018
Guild Master


Welcome on The Moon's guild page! This guild was founded by two best friends, cobrazer and MineBlock64, the 15 March 2018. We are now a united and friendly community made up of enthusiastic members from all around the Earth. We are the first guild of Murder Mystery, but we play almost every games as long as we are together. We merged in January 2019 with the "Darksides" guild to make an amazing community.

Guild Name: The Moon
Guild Master: MineBlock64
Guild Tag: [MOON]
Guild Level: 49
Murder Mystery rank: 1st
Hypixel rank: Top 40 (Record: #28)
Guild Discord:

Guild Events

We do quite a lot of events, from the guild party to graduations ceremonies ! Discover more about events by joining the guild ;).
Guild Alliances

No guild allies yet.
If you would like to ally with The Moon, you can ask MineBlock64 in private message on the forums or in-game.

To avoid any kind of problems we don't do much guild alliances.
Members' Quotes

Guild Staff

Guild Master

[​IMG] MineBlock64

Head officer

[​IMG] cobrazer
[​IMG] if7ueh7
[​IMG] HyRoller
[​IMG] goodluckmate


[​IMG] ItsDread
[​IMG] IamInevitable
[​IMG] 90sWave

In order to join the guild, you need these requierements :

- A Hypixel level
highter than 45
- Be active on the server*
- Have a minimum of 2'500 wins or 4'500 kills in Murder Mystery
- Be friendly with everyone

If you meet the requierements and would like to join the guild, you can do /g join The Moon or ask the guild master/officers to join.

Guild ranks

Guild Master
Only MineBlock64 has it for several obvious reasons.
Chat diminutive: [GM]

Head officer
The Head Officer can moderate the guild, invite and remove members, mute members, create guild parties.
Chat diminutive: [HO]
You can't apply for it.

The officer can invite, mute members and create guild parties.
Chat diminutive: [O]
The application form is currently closed.

The Elite rank is a prestige. They have the possibility to make guild parties.
Chat diminutive: [E]
Requierements: 12'000 Murder Mystery wins or 18'000 kills. (For Infection: 20k total Infected + Survivor kills)

Captain is a prestige like elite.
Chat diminutive: [C]
Requierements: 6'000 Murder Mystery wins or 9'000 kills. (For Infection: 10k total Infected + Survivor kills)

The Members rank is the default rank of the guild.

Exceptions can appears.
*If you don't tell to MineBlock64 or a Head Officer / Officer that you are going to be inactive for more than
2 weeks, you will be kick after 2 weeks if the guild become full while you are inactive.

We need rules to live in a good ambience !
We must all respect these rules :
- No racism.
- No spam.
- No toxicity.
- No rage.
- Keep swearing a minimum.
- Be nice, treat everybody like how you want to be treated, be polite ;).

I didn't put slow chat because I think we are all mature in the guild.

Join now !


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