Guild Level 27
Oct 22, 2018
Guild Master
Hewo! This Is Team OWO, The Guild With Fun Events and A Great Community! We Also Have A Discord!

~Things To Know~

-We curse a LOT so this isn't very child friendly ;D
-We choose An OwO of the week if u are one of the top 10 people to get xp for that week!
-Sometimes we Thanos Snap inactive people! So be sure u aren't gonna disappear
-no this is not a furry server but we don't JUDGE!

1. Cursing is aloud
2. Do not attack people or hurt anyone in anyway! We accept everyone
3. The most efficient way to know when events are is if you are in the DISCORD!
4. We Thanos snap inactive people at random times, but we do announce it in MOTD!
5. Respect Officers and others