Guild Level 26
Guild Rank 55
Speed UHC Rank 20
Crazy Walls Rank 21
SkyWars Rank 23
Apr 9, 2018
Guild Master
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(HUGE Credits To WhySuffer For Remaking SkyTitan Guild Thread!)

What Is SkyTitan?
SkyTitan is a guild that specializes in SkyWars. Our goal is to be a family friendly guild and to be one of the best SkyWars Guilds out their on the Hypixel Network.

What Games Does The Guild SkyTitan Play?
Our guild mainly specializes in SkyWars but we also play other games on the Hypixel Network.

What Do We Do For Fun?
Usually for fun we host Guild Events, Guild Parties, Guild Tournaments, and GvG's. (Guild VS-Guilds.) Usually we do random guild events and custom guild events that we made up which are super fun! We do tons of Guild Parties mostly everyday. We do Guild Tournaments sometimes. Some are unique and some are just the ones in duels. Our guild loves to do GvG's. We do them alot. Usually we pick random teams so everyone can participate eventually but make sure everyone knows what he or she is doing. We do quiet a bit of fun stuff and it would be awesome to have new people participate in them!

How To Join Our Guild?
We invite people based on their stats. The current requirements to join SkyTitan is 5.5k+ wins AND/OR 45k kills (45,000 kills, 5,500 wins) total SkyWars statistics. In the future we may make the requirements higher to join. Application format below! Note: some exceptions can be made.

No spamming,
No raging,
No Toxicity,
Don't Be Rude.

(3 warning = kick or demote)

Senior Officers
[​IMG] [MVP++] whywin Senior Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] UUW Senior Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] Irritants Senior Officer
[​IMG] [VIP+] Relury Senior Officer
[​IMG] [MVP++] Cnd Senior Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] Kaibon Senior Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] pentamillionaire Senior Officer


Trial Officers
[​IMG] [MVP++] Skyfare Trial Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] iSlap Trial Officer
[​IMG] [MVP++] CritAura Trial Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] Reeedly Trial Officer
[​IMG] [MVP+] DontToggle Trial Officer
[​IMG] [MVP++] Loaners Trial Officer
[​IMG] [MVP++] eltumtaco Trial Officer

Application Format:
-+-Application Format-+-
SkyWars Kills (Solo, Teams, Ranked, Mega, Combined) -

SkyWars Wins (Solo, Teams, Ranked, Mega, Combined) -

Kill/Death Ratio (Can be found here: Sk1er.Club or -

Win/Loss Ratio (Can be found here: Sk1er.Club or -

How often and for how long do you play? (Weekdays/Weekends)

How did you find out about SkyTitan?
(Copy Everything In The Spoiler)

Trial Officer Application Format: OPEN

-+-Officer Application-+-
Minecraft Username:


How much time do you have to contribute to the role?

Have you ever been Warned or punished in the guild? If so, please include details.

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?

Why should we pick you then other applications?

How would you impact/change the guild in your opinion?
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Latest GvG:
Impurity 5-3 WIN

Upcoming GvG'(s):

Guild Allies:
Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Or every non school day!

Status: OPEN

We are currently full, but that does not mean we are not accepting, you will just be put on the waiting list until a spot opens up. First come, First Serve.

Waiting List:
Click HERE for the waiting list
When your name is on the top 3 PLEASE pay attention and leave your guild, we will try for 3 days, and if you don't leave by the third day, we will remove you from the waiting list.

If you are inactive for more than 3 weeks, let an officer know, otherwise we will be kick you. Please let StrafeLyfe know, if Strafe is not on, let an officer know, and tell them to tell StrafeLyfe.