Guild Level 40
Apr 20, 2016
Guild Master
Welcome to Synchronized!

Synchronized is a guild that strives to get the best out of everyone outside of the guild and inside of it. Respect, trust and loyalty are the 3 key factors we look for. Our guild members are known to be positive, motivated, energetic and respectful. This means that all of our guild members are not toxic in anyway, shape or form. The community is constantly improving and new members are always welcome.

We play and specialise in PvP based game modes like Skywars, Bedwars & TNT games, but have been noted and seen across most of the Networks game modes. We aren't currently a fully competitive guild, so we do like to class our selves are a "chill" based guild too.

Synchronized is constantly progressing and advancing. You will participate in guild events when they get introduced and discussed between the guilds administration. You will be apart of an amazing community that will never stop expanding you'll receive help and advice from other guild members and officers. Improving the community and the guild is always an important aspect of the guild so feedback is always welcomed. If you're looking for an energetic guild with a positive experience, Synchronized is for you.

Guild Rules:
Where do I apply?
All information regarding applying for our guild can be found by dming the leader.
You must now have a rank to be recruited.
Updates will be added to this information board so keep checking back!