Guild Level 51
Legacy Rank 39
Feb 10, 2015
Guild Master
WELCOME to the official guild page for..
- S U R V I V O R -
Established: February 2015 - Present

Guild Type: Tnt Games - Bow Spleef
Activeness: Average of 4-10 players online at once
:rolleyes: Biography :rolleyes:

Survivor is a constantly evolving squad. The motto has always been "People come and go, those who choose to stay grow as a family, those who leave, are always welcome back with an open door ^.^"

When you join the fam, you're given a warm welcome and a crazy good time while chilling on Hypixel. This is a diverse guild with various ranks and different people from around the world. We Usually party together while goofing around on teamspeak.

The guild is primarily a tnt games guild, but with up to 105 members currently, we have people from all over Hypixel who play tons of different games modes.

:D GVG's :D

Survivor Guild participates in guild vs guilds in any game mode.
Most often, it will be a tnt games GVG. Other types have been skywars, mega walls and arcade as well.
The key to this is having fun, fighting a rival guild gets ugly rather fast so that tends to get avoided. Contact cto or an officer to plan a GVG !

:cool: VIDEO PRODUCTION :cool:

We love making videos!! this includes

game plays

Music Videos

these can be found at - Christian Winsor

Have a good video idea? offer the idea in our guild chat and we can work together to create your vision!

:eek: Fun Facts :eek:

Our Guild is named after the CBS reality tv show SURVIVOR!
  • We have a secret club located in Hypixel
  • we own our own guild teamspeak, website, KIK chat and Minecraft server.
  • 7 Million+ Guild Coins
  • Guild Tag: [SVIVOR]

thanks for stopping by to our guild page!