Guild Level 61
Legacy Rank 82
Jun 17, 2016
Guild Master

SuperSquadHQ is a SkyWars and UHC guild where you can find other players to have fun and play together! This is a true guild to show off your skills in any way you can. Our goal is to be respectful and do as best as we can to create an even better guild than before! To join this guild you need at least seven thousand kills and 500 wins in Skywars. This guild will be full of great and active members to make us strong as well one of the guilds with the best communities! In this guild we do events, battles, and many more things. One of our main things we do is GVG's which are guild vs guilds. I want to see your dedication and kindness to the other members as we need to trust one another twin games and competitions.Hopefully this will be a great experience to all of those who apply and a wonderful place where someone would not regret losing hours of a precious day if they become absorbed in our guild. I am striving for this to be a place where we can all have an amazing time! Now read more below for events/applications/etc. I hope to see you in my guild and help you out with anything!
Guild Tag: [SUPER]
Guild MOTD: Unlocked
Guild Party: Unlocked

(1) ► No Swearing in Guild chat, if you do you will get a warning. Again and you might get kicked!

(2) ► No hacking or cheating.

(3) ► It would be great if you were on at least 5 hours a week. Inactive users may be kicked.

(4) ► Loyal, Respectful, Kind, and Active users have a better chance of becoming an Officer.

(5) ► Please inform an Officer or the Master if you have problems.

Rank on Hypixel? -
Time spent playing Minecraft? -
How many kills do you have in Skywars all together? -
How many wins do you have in Skywars all together? -
Do you have Skype or Discord? -
Do you know anyone in the guild? -
What previous guild were you in before? -
Average Play Time? -
How did you find out about us? -
Anything Else? -


Trusted - People who I can trust and has been loyal for a good amount of time.
Elder - People who have shown loyalty to the guild. Active members.
Guild Officer - People who are guild officer rank in the guild.
Co-Owner - Very loyal, and respectful guild officers.
Owner - Owner of guild.