Guild Level 24
Legacy Rank 14
Jun 13, 2015
Guild Master

What is SkyLegion?
We're a community that has spread across the server's games, although we specialise and are mostly known for being a SkyWars guild, and one of the oldest around! I strive to make this community a family, and one that doesn't revolve around segregation from other guilds! The server's seen far too much arguing and I don't want people to blame guilds for this, I hope to ensure guilds don't seperate Skylegion from all the other guilds in the SkyWars community!

What games do we play?
Currently, we only specialize in SkyWars! Though again, our players have been seen across all games!

What do we have to offer?
A fun and friendly SkyWars guild for all SkyWars players! We plan on holding events for the guild, such as Game nights and daily solo challenges between the guild hosted by the officers! Along with some great banter in the guild chat! :)
Also dank memes.
Guild Leader Optay
Guild Officer idclol
Guild Officer
Guild Officer ItsVlad
Guild Officer Mirracle
Guild Officer Robzilla
Guild Officer
Guild Officer Arctite
Guild Officer Rolend
Guild Officer Invictable
Guild Officer Youtsi
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Guild Officer M0N3YBALL3R