Guild Level 22
Sep 8, 2018
Guild Master
Updated 12/19/2018

About us!

Sin Clan is a guild still growing. We focus mainly on Hypixel's main game modes, including bedwars, skywars, and duels. Our player base consists of players who aren't toxic, and friendly towards one another. We prioritize in the growth of our guild, and representing our guild in a positive way, whether it's on leader boards, or throughout the community.

Our focus!

As we grow our guild, we're always focusing on being active. Our goal is to achieve a placement in the top guilds overall on the network, and find a spot as top ten. As a growing guild, we'll continue looking for players to recruit that meet our standards and other guilds to merge with.

The end goal

When we fill our player cap within the guild, we'd like to have accomplished a few things. Having an active player base, a non toxic environment, and building a new community altogether. From the start of Sin Clan, our guild management said we'd want all these things to come from our guild. Everything is going exactly as planned, and the only direction we'll go is a positive one.

Sin Clan Management