Guild Level 37
Murder Mystery Rank 6
Oct 15, 2019
Guild Master


Hello you, thanks for taking the time in visiting our guild page and reading this! We are a united, friendly guild full of friends that mainly focuses their time on Murder Mystery. Even though we are new, we are rising up quickly and full of active members you are able to see in game! If you know a guild member and are interested in joining, Feel free to message the Guild Master or officers!

Before getting to the juicy part, here is some backstory. From the great murder mystery guild everyone knows, The Moon, some people rose up and decided to make a new guild, to start a new story, to refresh. What those players formed was “Shadowing”, a new guild with potential. The reasoning behind the name is simple; the people in it came out of The Moon, making this guild the shadow of the moon. However, we will soon rise one day, like a Shadow Wing, shadowing over all!

Guild master
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