Guild Level 67
Speed UHC Rank 6
Aug 7, 2018
Guild Master
Welcome to the guild home page!
Our guild reopened a few weeks ago and is looking for new and active members.
After quitting with the guild a year ago we decided to try again and grow a guild/community.
We welcome players from all types of games as we frequently play all different types of games on Hypixel.
Although we're still in need and are looking for active/good players we still manage to get good leaderboard positions.

Our discord server!
We hav discord and actively encourage members to use it.
Players outside the guild are also welcome to join the discord server and get to know the community.
Discord is a great way for us to communicate that's why we frequently use it to connect.
You can get the discord link by clicking here.

The guild banner/cape!

We have our own guild banner/cape.
Our banner/cape looks great and it's a great way to show support for the guild by using it.
We thank to all the members using the guild's cape and hope you like it.
[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

Leaderboard positions!
Some leaderboard positions that some might find "cool"
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Guild versus guild!
Yes, our guild does GvG's and we are actively looking for players with a good skill set in different types of games.
If you're a representative of a guild and would like to GvG us please contact @xDuty

GvG against The Demonic: ( Sematic [SC] 5-1 The Demonic[DEMON]
(Best out of 3 in game modes below)

Bedwars 3v3v3v3
Sematic [SC] 0-2 The Demonic [DEMON]
(We forfeited)


Speed UHC 6v6
Sematic [SC] 2-0 The Demonic [DEMON]


The Bridges Duel 4v4
Sematic [SC] 2-0 The Demonic [DEMON]


Bow spleef 6v6
Sematic [SC] 2-0 The Demonic [DEMON]


TNT Tag 6v6
Sematic [SC] 2-0 The Demonic [DEMON]


Arena Brawl
Sematic [SC] 2-0 The Demonic [DEMON]
(Demonic forfeited because if they won arena brawl they still wouldn't win the GvG)

How to join?
Joining our guild is fairly easy.
You have to meet the minimum requirements which are:

- Level 50+
- Achievement points 1500+
To be invited you have to respond to our recruitment thread with your Minecraft Username and if we agree that you should be invited you should get the invitation to join our guild. (THREAD COMING SOON)
Other ways that aren't as recommended: You can also try joining the guild by doing /g join Sematic and we will check out your profile and accept if you meet the requirements (your request could be lost if the staff are afk or not online so we recommend using our recruitment thread for an invitation)
If you don't meet requremints