Guild Level 60
Guild Rank 14
The TNT Games Rank 2
Jul 7, 2018
Guild Master
Info about us

Hello everyone, We are a semi-competitive guild. We mainly like to dominate the weekly and monthly leaderboards. We created this guild as a small guild, however we have grown since then and trying to get the best of best players. We are looking for active guild members. The guild has been passed by player by player like Artyy_ , Rumcr and iResub. We'd like to keep it going for future players too!

-Have some experience in MOST gamemode in TNT Games.
-Don't be toxic, (even though most of our players are).
-Be active, and enjoy being friends with everyone!

If you want to join please find any Co-owner of the guild or the Guild master and ask them to invite you!

The Runner Team.