Guild Level 32
The TNT Games Rank 1
Jul 7, 2018
Guild Master

Hi all, We are a semi-competitive guild. Currently we are #1 for tnt games mainly dominating the weekly and monthly leaderboards. We created this guild as a small guild, however we are grown since then and trying to get the best of best players. At the moment we are only looking for Tnt Tag players since most of our guild members plays Tnt Tag.

The reason why we gave Resub owner because hes responsible and caring for the guild. He have tried to make the guild better than our Previos Guild Masters, which was Artyy_ and Rumcr. To join the guild you need 150+ wins in Tnt Tag, which you may friend iResub and tell him and he will decide if he want you or not. Once you have join the guild, theres rule you have follow. Those Rule are simple and not hard to follow. If you are seen breaking one of these rules, you will be punished for it. We are looking forward to seeing you there. <3


The Moonlights Team.