Guild Level 31
Apr 24, 2018
Guild Master
Welcome to our Official Guild Page! We're REJECTED and we want you in our Guild! If you meet the requirements specified below, feel free to apply!
(The Hypixel Network Rules must be followed as well)
1. Be Active. If you are not online for more than 1 week, you will be kicked. You may message a Guild Officer or the Guild Master about your Inactivity.
2. No Spamming in Guild Chat/Discord Chat.
3. Don't use too much Caps in Guild Chat/Discord Chat.
4. Do not argue with The Officers.
5. Cursing is allowed, however disrespecting players will get you kicked/banned.
6. No Advertising.
7. Be Respectful to other people.
8. Cheating is PROHIBITED.
9. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
Currently 1,200+ Wins OR 10,500+ Kills + K/D 1.3 & W/L 0.25 (These are subject to change and we reserve the right to kick players under the requirements)
AntiAliasinq - Head Officer
reaperGR - Head Officer
PapaQikr - Application Team

iRazor_Sharp - Application Team
Vaned - Officer
mariuspvpr923- Officer
Alex0_ - Officer
Dyslekt - Officer
TalPlayzMC - Trial Officer
Ryanther - Trial Officer
Drewbixcuber - Trial Officer
helpfuls - Trial Officer
SaltyPlasher - Trial Officer
oStrafer - Trial Officer
rkea - Trial Officer

Other Info:
Guild Level: 24
Tag Color: Cyan
Tag: [R]
Brother Guild: Defeat

Member Application Format here.
Officer Application Format here.
Discord here.
Forum Thread here.