Guild Level 74
Quakecraft Rank 1
The Walls Rank 1
VampireZ Rank 2
Arcade Games Rank 3
Paintball Warfare Rank 4
Speed UHC Rank 4
Build Battle Rank 4
Turbo Kart Racers Rank 4
Arena Brawl Rank 6
Blitz Survival Games Rank 6
Crazy Walls Rank 6
Smash Heroes Rank 6
Duels Rank 8
Cops and Crims Rank 10
The TNT Games Rank 11
Murder Mystery Rank 14
Warlords Rank 15
BedWars Rank 20
SkyWars Rank 24
Legacy Rank 5
Jul 9, 2014
Guild Master
The Rebellion - Rebel


Our guild is made up of active, enthusiastic, and skilled members throughout the network. Starting in 2014, Rebel has continuously climbed its way up the leaderboard, currently at the #2 spot for total guild XP. Our goal has always been to unite the most skilled & enthusiastic players in order to improve their gaming experience as a whole, alongside the rest of the Hypixel community. All of our members are held to a high standard of both conduct and skill. Our members are recognized as some of the most dedicated players on the server, and we’re always looking for new faces to join us!

Rebel often organizes parties and brings members together for intense, challenging, and sometimes casual games- with videos and screenshots of people’s triumphs!

We are a very active guild in game as in our discord, where you can always find someone to talk to.


Rebel often organizes parties and brings members together for intense, challenging, and sometimes casual games- with videos and screenshots of people’s triumphs!

Moreover, we are proud of our guild's Training Program: experienced Rebels in each game of the Hypixel Network help train players learn strategies and get achievements.

Trainers are specifically instructed to play games legit.
Note: We do NOT boost any games.



Guild Tag: [ΘREBLΘ]
Double Coins:
Double EXP:

Guild Cape:


A Rebel does NOT follow the rules! Just kidding! The rules include:
1.1. Respect all users: frustration is normal but it does not excuse toxicity, in any channel whether public or private. Insults targeted towards other players are unacceptable.

1.2. Keep swearing to minimum: our members are held to high standards of not only talents, but also of maturity, so all childish tantrums and excessive outbursts should be internalized rather than externalized.

1.3. Grievances are to remain private: issues with other users, whether they are in Rebel or not, should be resolved privately, preferably with an Officer.
2.1. Attacks on the basis of ranks or statistics are not tolerated, and guild members who do not meet the requirements should be left alone, as applications are entirely at the Officers' discretion.

2.2. Our stance on YouTubers: it is the Rebel Officer Team's opinion that all members should be treated as equal. For this reason, Rebel members should not be caught harassing YouTubers in-game, or in lobbies with friend requests.

2.3. Consideration for Staff members: Staff members within Rebel, too, are members. Should you encounter a rule-breaker, use the /report command and move on with your day. Leave them alone and do not bother them with requests to spectate a game.
3.1. Keep all channels clean: rules 1.1 and 1.2. are strictly enforced on the Rebel Discord. Moreover, absolutely no NSFW or even suggestive media is tolerated.

3.2. Do not spam: deliberate sending of messages, media, reactions; or deliberate uses of bot functionalities to flood channels; repeated ghost pinging; and attempts to circumvent this rule will result in sanctions.

3.3. Language: although English is preferred, all languages are welcome on the Rebel Discord. Let it be known, though, that all the rules apply to every language.

3.4. Chat etiquette: thou shalt not beggeth for attention, for it is highkey cringe.

3.5. Do not ask for: a promotion, a giveaway, a gift from the store. They will happen when they happen. Refer to rule 3.4 for more information.

3.6. Never tag C4H10O (Coloured#0497), unless you wish for eternal torment.
Every rule of the Hypixel Network applies to all members — even Rebel members!
Guild chat and party chat are in no way exempt from them.

Additionally, the Officer Team wishes to remind everybody that boosting and the use of illegal modifications to gain unfair advantages are strictly forbidden.

We encourage everybody on the server to report all Rebel members who are found guilty of such infractions.


Click HERE to apply, by filling out the following form:
Please answer briefly.

In-game name: .
Network Level: .
Which requirements do you meet?: .
Country and Timezone: .

Which Rebel(s) may recommend you?: .
Why do you want to join Rebel?: .
Will you comply with our rules?: .

After you apply, keep an eye on the forums where one of our officer will get back to you. Thank you!
If you don't meet all the requirements, but are active and believe that you could still contribute to Rebel, CLICK HERE to contact Officers privately.

Thanks a lot for reading this message we would like you to join The Rebellion! It would be awesome!

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