Guild Level 70
Speed UHC Rank 9
Duels Rank 13
Blitz Survival Games Rank 19
Build Battle Rank 20
Arena Brawl Rank 21
The Walls Rank 22
Arcade Games Rank 23
Crazy Walls Rank 24
Turbo Kart Racers Rank 25
Legacy Rank 4
May 5, 2014
Guild Master

View the forum post here:
Welcome to Raid! Raid is one of the longest running guilds here on the Hypixel Network. Over the years, we have been able to build one of the greatest communities on the server. Our welcoming community is open to users from all mini-games. Whether you can't stop shooting apples, refuse to put down that shiny spele pick, or just can't drop shock enough skeletons - we look to make Raid a place for you.
Feel free to come say hi to us on Discord! We look forward to having you with us!

Make sure read the rest of this post to find out if this is the guild for you. You’ll find information on:​
  • Applications and Requirements​
  • Guild Events​
  • Tournaments​
  • Our team​
  • Guild Points and Ranking System​


You must meet the requirements listed below in the 'Requirements' section. If you meet those requirements, apply and be certain to go in detail when answering the questions. We're basing admittance not only on the requirements, but also on the quality of the application and maturity of the person applying! To apply, click > HERE! < (NOTE: Link takes you to a Google Form)

All applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Network Level 75​
  • Discord Account​
  • One of the game-specific requirements found HERE!
These requirements assume you main one game on the network. If you are close to more than one, don’t be afraid to submit your application! Not meeting a requirement DOES NOT make you ineligible.

Every week, we have at least one [regular] guild event that takes place Saturdays at 2PM EST (New York/Toronto) / 6PM London, or Sundays at 2PM EST (New York/Toronto) / 6PM London.​
Raid Battles (AKA: Rattles)
Raid Knockouts
Wacky Weekends
Tag Teams
Tournaments / Showdowns
Holiday Events
Raid SMP

We shoot for one solo tournament and one team tournament yearly, along with offering rewards for Hypixel hosted tournaments!

Click below to view our previous tournament winners!
Quake Season 1: Fieribo
Quake Season 2: Wolc
Quake Season 3: KabouThor
Quake Season 4: Levier
Blitz Season 1:
Blitz Season 2: Pacman1509
Blitz Season 3: Levier
Blitz Season 4: Nobel
Walls Season 1:
Walls Season 2: xilzo
Walls Season 4: uSheep
Paintball Season 1:
Paintball Season 2: xilzo
Paintball Season 3: xXMLGScoperXx
Paintball Season 4: RantingAmerican
Mega Walls Season 1:
Mega Walls Season 2: Levier
CvC Season 1:
CvC Season 2: uSheep
Arcade Season 1: xXMLGScoperXx (Ender Spleef),
asus (Hypixel Says), asus (Bounty Hunters),
asus (Build Battle)
Crazy Walls Season 1:
Crazy Walls Season 2: TheDutchGeneral
Skywars Season 1: tastysalmon
Skywars Season 2: Maxxyo
Smash Heroes Season 1:
Smash Heroes Season 2: Levier
Speed UHC Season 1:
UHC Season 1:
Bedwars 4v4 Tournament (November 2018) : Team "BadNEz"
- Xander, RogiJAG, BridgeAura, Trey (Subs: @B0YD, @oliverploppz)
October 15th, 2016: Xander
November 12th, 2016: Ice
December 10th, 2016: Xander
January 7th, 2017: MexicanMineman
February 18th, 2017: amFeesh
February 17th, 2018: DarthDaFatCow

Meet the team:
Leader: yllis
Co-Leader: RogiJAG

Council: beetfarms
Advisor: Voxlet
Advisor: DarthDaFatCow
Advisor: VirtualCoins

Advisor: Microo
Advisor: b0yd

Advisor: xxRetro
Advisor: Levier



Our guild uses a special ranking system that is based on the amount of Guild Points you earn. You earn guild points through participating in events, playing in tournaments, completing challenges, and being active within our community!

Click HERE to go to our Google Docs spreadsheet to view all current guild members and their Guild Points! You will see at the bottom of the page there are 6 different pages, or tabs, that you can go through. Each rank tier has a separate tab to view the members within that tier.

Sprout - Starting Guild Rank
Mire - 10,000 Guild Points
Grove 20,000 Guild Points
Precipice - 30,000 Guild Points
Quake - 40,000 Guild Points

Mist - 50,000 Guild Points
Cascade - 70,000 Guild Points
Torrent - 90,000 Guild Points
Maelstrom - 110,000 Guild Points
Tsunami - 130,000 Guild Points

Nimbus - 150,000 Guild Points
Zephyr - 180,000 Guild Points
Vortex - 210,000 Guild Points
Cyclone - 240,000 Guild Points
Aether - 270,000 Guild Points

Spark - 300,000 Guild Points
Ember - 340,000 Guild Points
Igniter - 380,000 Guild Points
Pyro - 420,000 Guild Points
Inferno - 460,000 Guild Points

Fuse - 500,000 Guild Points
Vexor - 550,000 Guild Points
Abyss - 600,000 Guild Points
Eclipse - 650,000 Guild Points
Nova - 700,000 Guild Points

Lux - 750,000 Guild Points
Mythic - 810,000 Guild Points
Ascendant - 870,000 Guild Points
Exalted - 930,000 Guild Points
Immortal - 1,000,000 Guild Points




Honorable members have proven themselves as dedicated members of Raid and are recognized when passing the Aphotic rank. Therefore we acknowledge the achievements of the following players and their dedication to the Raid community.