Guild Level 53
Guild Rank 76
May 2, 2017
Guild Master

This place is for those who like to play

Guild Master:
[MVP++] Zw0v
Guild Co-Masters:
[MVP++] ali999999gg
[MVP++] mor1122
Guild Officers:
[MVP+] 7xi

Some facts about Ruin:
Created on 2017/05/02 by Zw0v
Former Pro Sky Wars Guild!

Just follow the rules of the Hypixel server!
Do not ask for officer!
Do not spam the guild chat!
Do not offend anyone or create any drama!

Must have - Requirements:
Level 80+
Apply for the Guild

Additional Requirements (3 of your choice):
SkyWars: 1000 wins
TNT Games: 500 wins
Warlords: 200 wins
SkyClash: 50 wins
Speed UHC: 50 wins
Crazy Walls: 50 wins
The Walls: 50 wins
Mega Walls: 50 wins
Turbo Kart Racers: 20 wins
Quakecraft: 200 wins
Arena Brawl: 100 wins
VampireZ: 100 Human wins
Cops and Crims: 50 wins
Blitz Survival Games: 70 wins
Arcade Games: 300 total wins
Murder Mystery: 200 wins
Duels: 750 wins
Bedwars: 700 wins​