Guild Level 32
Jan 26, 2014
Guild Master

+=- The PotatoClan -=+=-

"Taters are the best - crispy on the outside, potatoey on the inside." - TheZuck 2k15

Build Team Member Cheesey and Walls Scrublord DoctorDerps founded the PotatoClan on the premise that you don't need to be good at minigames to be awesome. Our guild welcomes all and we only ask that you respect other players and enjoy your time with us.
Our guild was created early 2014 and hovered around 10 members for most of the year. We were able to obtain a guild tag late 2014. Potato was chosen, so we chose the tag "Taters", which is honestly more interesting and amazing anyway. After receiving this tag and Cheesey's being promoted to Build Team, gaining members became rather easy. However, we are still looking for and welcoming new members. There are no requirements to be met. We accept all ranks and skill levels. This server is about having an amazing time in Minecraft. You don't need 10,000 MW kills to have fun!

One thing our guild has is a member of the month challenge. This challenge encourages players to earn guild coins and be a positive supporter of others within the guild. At the beginning of each month, a member is chosen who had shown a lot of support for the guild the previous month. Members of the month become Officer candidates.

Members of the Month
January 2015 - Snivy5643
February 2015 - Obeseperson
March 2015 - Ab4ndonedMC
April 2015 - Shmeva

We have several members who specialize at the classic Hypixel minigame - the Walls. Here's our stats:

One of our members, Snivy, no-lifed CvC for like a month, so now we have some nice stats to show off.

Progress on Cheesey's quest for Troll IX: