Guild Level 24
Jul 27, 2015
Guild Master
Pop Nation

Welcome to Pop Nation/World of Pop! [POP] We were created 27 July 2015 as Team Doobie, a competitive Mega Walls, Blitz, and Skywars guild. In 2019, we decided to become a pop fandom.
Our legacy guild rank is 202.
This is your guild for everything about pop culture, such as music, movies, the media, and fashion. In addition to this social aspect, we are also quite skilled in the various minigames that Hypixel has to offer.
We are a guild looking for dedicated and experienced players!
We are inviting players that enjoy any game. We include a varied and flexible playerbase. However, we all have one thing in common. We are seeking to help improve each other in game performance.
We hope to get some friendly and good players of the Hypixel community to join this guild.

Discord Server

Our Discord Server is currently undergoing major changes and as a result, you may not join it. However, you are free to contact me on Discord at lucqz#2218 (352574990958198784)


1) Official Hypixel rules also apply to this guild. More information on them here:
2) You must act in a mature manner. No trolling or playing dumb of the sort. It's quite easy to identify.
3) No nudity, porn, or gore anywhere.
4) No hate speech.
5) No politics or religion.
6) No talk of self-harm or suicide.
7) Never tilt.
8) Be respectful.
9) No drama.
10) No self advertising.
11) Do not spam.
12) Limit swearing, although it is allowed.

The punishments are simple. We warn, mute, and then kick. After being kicked, you may reapply but you must leave an appeal at the end of your application. If such a player is kicked again, they will not be able to reapply.


You must be an active player. Having decent stats also can make your application more likely to be accepted.

We may be lenient when accepting applications. However, just having good stats does NOT guarantee you will be accepted.


In Game Name:
Games you are skilled at:
Do you speak in chat much?
Are you willing to participate with the guild in large parties?
Do you perform better in strategical thinking, teamwork, or raw PvP skill?

Remember, just because you say no to these questions does not mean you can't join.
PM applications to @lucqz. You can also apply on Discord. My Discord is lucqz#1337. (case-sensitive)

To apply for guild officer:
(minimum requirements: 2 months of activity)

In Game Name:
What do you think you can bring to the staff team?
What keeps you motivated as a staff member?
How often are you active?
How old are you?
What would you do if you were in a situation if you were unsure what to do?
Do you have general knowledge about Hypixel's plugins and games?
Do you have knowledge over vanilla Minecraft physics?

Helper role will automatically be distributed to active players who show average performance in games.

PM applications to the guild master!