Guild Level 63
Mega Walls Rank 12
May 27, 2017
Guild Master

Peaceful Skies
A Fun & Peaceful Guild​

Hello, you special and unique person who happened to stumble onto the guild MOTD Forum page. :)
My name is Sammymon, but you can just call me Sam. This guild was previously known as the "Suh Squad", which was completely removed, but brought back from the dead. :eek:
Our guild is really best-known for Mega Walls, PTL games, & Arcade games, (despite the other games displayed in our guild forum underneath our users' profile(s) as these games were from "Suh Squad".) but we'll be honored to play other games when we can. ;)

Now, pretty much all of you may be thinking, what is "Peaceful Skies"? o_O I'll be honored to tell you.
  • Q: "What Is Peaceful Skies?" A: A fun & Peaceful Guild that plays mostly PTL/Arcade/Mega Walls, but we try to manage for all games so any user is welcome :D
  • Q: "What Are The Requirements To Join?" A: There aren't any strict requirements to join. You MUST be level 15 or higher to join though. This is to prevent "alts" from joining.
  • Q: "There Are 100ish Members but Only a few are Online. Is this a joke?" A: This isn't a joke. We understand that users may be busy with school and other stuff that may be important in real life, but if your friend or even yourself want to join you can, If the guild is full, we'll make sure to kick an inactive member that hasn't been on for more than 30 days.
  • Q: "What Makes This Guild So Special Compared To Others?" A: Peaceful Skies is actually a bit different than other guilds as it has no "strict" requirements to join, and we do our best to avoid swearing, autism insults/jokes, sex insults/jokes, threats, and/or all of that bad stuff that isn't suitable for anyone to deal with.
  • Q: "What Are The Roles?" A: Each member starts off as a [Plant] but users who are active a lot in the guild chat will eventually be promoted to [Sky], which is another term for "active". If a user has been active enough and is helping others, they will then be promoted to [Sun/Moon] which helps moderate the chat. This role is also known as "helper". If they keep doing this and also has my trust, they will eventually be promoted to [Heaven] which can actually start events for the guild under certain permission. This role is also known as "moderator". There is one more role which requires a lot of trusts, activeness in the guild, a lot more time moderating the chat, AND a little bit active in our Discord. (I'll discuss our Discord later.) If you managed to pull off all of this, you may be promoted to [Angel] or the "admin" of the guild.
  • Q: "Does Peaceful Skies Have TeamSpeak or Discord?" A: No, we don't have a TeamSpeak server and we don't plan on having one. However, we do have Discord and it's highly recommended that you join it. You don't even need to be in the guild to join it. It's a public discord and all are welcome. Click Here!
Hopefully, after reading this, you'll want to join the guild. If not, that's completely fine with me. Our guild is currently level 15, (So we do indeed have that Aqua Tag!) and we plan on growing each day! Thanks For Reading! :D