Guild Level 31
Feb 17, 2016
Guild Master
The Order Of The Piggy {◕∞◕}

Hello! :D we are The Order Of The Piggy, we are a fun loving guild and we love to hangout!

If you are interested in joining please send me a message then I can play with you and get to know you!



Not reading the rules is not an excuse to break them, By joining the guild and/or our guild places you are bound to the rules whether you read them or not.

1. Be respectful to everyone.

2. No trolling, lying or harassment.

3. No drama!!!
All drama/fights will be deferred to a meeting then a 1 day mute from the guild for the people involved, depending on the situation severity of punishment can be worse, but 1 day mute is default.

4. Mild swearing is allowed (fu**, sh**, etc), as long as it’s not overly excessive.
If the swearing is directed at someone (name calling, being rude, etc) punishment will be given, severity depends on what was said.
Derogatory terms and hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.

Hypixel specific note: You are 100% welcome to change the chat filter settings to fit your tolerance of swearing, this rule is only to mark that I personally do not mind if there is some swearing.

5. Don't talk about or share inappropriate things, generally try to keep guild chats PG-13.

6. No hacking or breaking server rules.

7. No spamming, if you constantly spam punishment will be given.

8. Do not ask for roles, I only give roles (such as officer) to very specific people.
Breaking this rule will not result in punishment, unless you constantly ask to be roles after being told no.

9. Please no alts in the guild or discord, if you have switched accounts please message Piggy letting him know who you are and the name of your old account so Piggy can remove it.
If you need an alt to join please message Piggy for approval saying the name of the account and the reason you need the alt to join.

10. Have fun! :D
Breaking this rule will result in extremely high punishment, just kidding! XD <3

11. Piggy is highest in the "authority" hierarchy, Wolf and Koala are Piggy's siblings so they are 2nd, Officers are 3rd.
Please listen to them and respect their decisions.

Hypixel specific rules:
1. Everyone has permission to /g party, Do not abuse it. Spamming will be pushed.

These rules are not comprehensive and are subject to change, we have the right to enforce rules that might not be listed here or punish acts that violate the spirit of these rules.

Some rules are different depending on the guild place you are in, please pay attention to and read the rules for each place.


Officer rules are on the guild discord

Officers must join the guild discord, do /g discord in game to get the invite link.


If you have an issue with an officer or wish to appeal a punishment please DM Piggy on discord.

Depending on the situation ban/kick from one guild place will result in being banned/kicked from all the guild places, if you want to have a chance of coming back please handle the situation maturely and do not go off on Piggy or the officers, if you go off you will be blocked.