Guild Level 70
Sep 9, 2015
Guild Master

OG Nation was founded in September 2015 by @Style . At one point, the guild had 100+ OG name members. Unfortunately, many original members went inactive and the guild was given to @wp who used it for something else. @Kiwi and I are now trying to restore OGN to it's former glory.

In OGN, we are looking for players with OG names to represent our guild. We do not care about STATS or being on the leaderboards. Although, we do have some very talented individuals on our guild so we may work up to the leaderboards at some point. We have a discord, but it is for accepted members only. After acceptance, we will PM you your welcome message along with an invite link.

An OG account is a rare account that has a name such as a verb/noun/place/animal etc. This makes the account's value go up. Now you may ask yourself, why would I want such accounts? These accounts aren't modified like most of them are, meaning that they don't have "xx" or numbers which make them unique".

For example, Kiwi is an OG name, but KiwiIsCool, Kiwi5 or Kiwising (2 prefixes aren't even semi) wouldn't be classified as OG. However, "Kiwis" would be Semi-OG as it is plural or has an added suffix or prefix. ( -s, -ing, -ed, -er, etc)
Having an OG or Semi-OG name makes you get more noticed in-game.


Guild Master:
[MVP++] Dog
[MVP++] Kiwi

Guild Officer:
[MVP+] Raccoon
[VIP] Ally
[MVP++] Depth
[MVP+] Red
[MVP+] Stem
[MVP+] Bud

Name: OG Nation
Guild Tag: [OG]
Guild Party:
Created: Sep 9, 2015
Members: 120/125

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