Guild Level 66
Turbo Kart Racers Rank 1
May 15, 2017
Guild Master
About us
We started off as a group of friends who enjoy Hypixel, then after the Guild Update, we decided to open up to let anyone and everyone join, and to try our best to become a leaderboard guild!
Now, we are a friendly guild full of all sorts of people who play all sorts of games, whether it be Skywars or Bedwars, Warlords or Turbo Kart Racers, we have members who play them all!

Our Achievements
These are our achievements as a guild so far

Our Guild is currently Level 64
With level 64, we have the Yellow guild tag equipped
We are currently in the top 150 guilds
We are a leaderboard guild as the #1 TKR guild!
We have 17 guild achievements unlocked, including: Guild Winner V and Guild EXP VII
We currently have around 125 members in our guild, 103+ of those members are very active

Our Goals
These are our goals as a guild

Our level goal is guild level 100
With level 100, we would have all current guild tags unlocked, and vote on a color to equip
Our goal for ranking is to be in the top 50 guilds
We have achieved our goal of being the #1 TKR guild!
We would also like to max all Guild Achievements
We would love to get 125/125 total guild members, with 75+ of those members being very active
We also would like to have fun Guild vs Guild games, and regular private guild parties
But our biggest goal of all is to build a friendly community of Hypixel players!

We only have a couple requirements you must meet to join NoWifi

As a friendly guild, we don't want our members to be toxic, so please be friendly to everyone! :D
We want our members to be at least somewhat active, so please play Hypixel at least a few times a month.

Additional Information
Here is some more info regarding our guild

Guild Ranks
We have 3 guild ranks; Recruit, Active, and 100k
Recruit is the default rank, given to new players & inactive members
Active is the rank given to members who are very active
100k is the rank given to members who get 100k gexp in a single day

Guild Discord
We have a guild discord, join it by clicking here!
Or, enter this link into the "Join a discord" button at the bottom of your Discord server list!

How to join?
To join NoWifi, join our Discord and ask an Officer to invite you!

Thank you for reading our recruitment post!