Guild Level 32
Turbo Kart Racers Rank 2
May 15, 2017
Guild Master
NoWifi Guild Information

We are NoWifi! Our guild is a group of friends who enjoy playing any and every Hypixel game!

Our most active members play TKR, Skywars, and Bedwars.
The rest of us play any game with quests to farm & achievements to hunt!

Our end goals

Here are a few goals of ours:
  • Guild Level 100
  • Max all Guild Achievements
  • 125+ Members
  • 75+ Active Members
  • Regularly have fun Guild VS Guild games
  • Regularly have fun private Guild parties
  • Build an active & friendly community of friends, questers, & achievement hunters alike

Our Guild has the following requirements to join:​

  • Network Level 50+ preferred (exceptions can be made)
  • Must be able to gain a decent amount of gexp per week
  • Must not be toxic (We're a friendly guild!)


To apply to join NoWifi and our wonderful family of friends,
Join our Discord and read #how-to-apply

Guild Discord