Guild Level 22
Turbo Kart Racers Rank 7
May 15, 2017
Guild Master
NoWifi Guild Information

We are NoWifi! Our guild is a group of friends who enjoy playing any and every Hypixel game!

Most of our members play Skywars and Bedwars.
The rest of us play any game with quests to farm & achievements to hunt!

Our end goals

Here are a few goals of ours:
  • Guild Level 100
  • Max all Guild Achievements
  • 125+ Members
  • 75+ Active Members
  • Regularly have fun Guild VS Guild games
  • Regularly have fun private Guild parties
  • Build an active & friendly community of friends, questers, & achievement hunters alike

Our Guild has the following requirements to join:​

  • Network Level 50+ preferred (exceptions can be made)
  • Must be able to gain a decent amount of gexp per week
  • Must not be toxic (We're a friendly guild!)


To apply to join NoWifi and our wonderful family of friends,
Contact nightlibra#3298 on Discord!

Guild Discord