Guild Level 60
Guild Rank 92
Jun 13, 2017
Guild Master
Mystic Fyre​
Inspiring gaming excellence since 2017

Welcome to the official page of the Mystic Fyre guild. I am glad that you are considering joining our guild, as we always need new members to help us make our community even stronger.

Mystic Fyre has come a long way to get to where it is today. Originally, the guild was called THE WIZARDS, so it could be a guild for people who were fans of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, the guild was inactive for a few months after it was created. Then it started to grow into the success it is today. HOGWARTSWIZARD, the Guild Master/Founder, grew members quickly, by spending hours at a time going to lobbies and recruiting members. One notable member was The_Cyber_Shadow. He considerably helped grow the guild and make application posts, and he is now one of our most valued guild staff members. A short while later, we decided to merge with a guild by the name of Forsaken Dragons. It was then that the name of our guild was changed to Mystic Fyre. Currently we are a guild level 50, are ranked #50 on the guild leaderboard, and we have a full community full of people that love the game.

Our Purpose
Mystic Fyre’s purpose is to have a non-toxic community that has fun playing games with each other. We frequently talk in the guild chat/discord, and we enjoy each other’s company.
Like every great guild, we need rules to keep us a friendly, active community.
1. Respect staff decisions
2. Do not spam the chat
3. No bullying/harassing
4. No swearing (acronyms are fine as long as they are not used excessively)
5. All of Hypixels rules apply. If it is found you are banned/muted, you could be liable to being muted in the guild chat, having your guild rank removed, or being kicked.
6. No drama
7. If you are punished, fill out an appeal. Messaging staff in rude manners will get you nothing but an instant denial.
8. Be active
9. Do not lie to staff
10. Do not send inappropriate messages to anyone on the guild.

Breaking these rules can result in your guild rank being taken away, being muted in the guild chat, or being kicked (depending on severity)

On a lighter note, please join us for an active community!

Best wishes,

Mystic Fyre Guild Master


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