Guild Level 73
BedWars Rank 9
Apr 26, 2017
Guild Master

Musicians is a guild created in early 2017. Over the years it has seen some amazing improvements in members, activity, and leaderboard climbing. Amazing friendships, relations, and bounds have developed in our group. Musicians has a fun and friendly interactive environment focusing on bringing the kind people of Hypixel together. Unlike most guilds who focus on skill, we seek to invite those who know how to act mature, friendly, and overall helpful throughout the entire community.



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• Do not start drama within the guild, outside the guild, or talk trash behind each others back.
• Do not spam the guild chat. This includes spamming for attention, to let people party you for games, to request others to report someone for hacking, or to ask people to buy you in game items such as ranks, gold, money, etc.
• As a member of the guild you are required to gain a minimum of 70k Guild EXP a week on the server. To check this we keep track of everyone's Guild EXP contribution each week. If we feel that your contribution does not meet our standards we may end up removing you from the guild. Please tell us prior in game or on the Discord if you won't be able to get online due IRL circumstances such as Vacation/Exams to prevent being removed for inactivity.
• Please bring up any issues to the available Guild Staff or Guild Managers.