Guild Level 68
Jul 9, 2014
Guild Master
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Miscellaneous Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Welcome to the Miscellaneous Guild page. Miscellaneous is a guild created back in 2014. We are usually not a competitive guild and don't focus on a particular gamemode. We aren't too worried about your ranks and statistics, making us one of the friendliest guilds on Hypixel!

Our goal is to be an active, friendly community. We don't really have strict requirements for applying, but we do expect you to be active and kind towards others. We earned our name due to the fact everyone is different and we don't all fit into the one same category. We are currently focusing on working our way up the guild rankings.

Guild Tag: [MISC]
Guild Resource Pack by Lyricism
Guild Discord [Anyone can join]:
Inactivity may lead to a kick!