Guild Level 74
Duels Rank 5
BedWars Rank 13
Build Battle Rank 14
SkyWars Rank 20
Arcade Games Rank 20
Quakecraft Rank 22
Paintball Warfare Rank 23
Legacy Rank 13
May 2, 2014
Guild Master

----- Founded 5/2/2014 -----

We started with our guild on 05/02/2014, as guild only for friends, which developed in 2016 as a private guild for certain members. In late 2016, we decided to open our guild for everyone. Our guild is called MATRIX; Bravo before. We decided to revamp our guild and to fix all the problems/mistakes from before.

We created an active and diverse community that plays a variety of games and is friendly to one another. We are level 74 with a yellow tag [✧MATRX✧], and we are currently #5 on guild leaderboards. We have events and parties, and we are just an overall great guild to be a part of.


- We offer our players our guild discord server with all kinds of bots and ways to have fun.
- We host mini-events (4 - 6 times a week).
- We host events (1 - 2 times a week).
- Tournaments (once every month or two months).
- A ranking system with points. You earn points by being active, participating in events/mini-events/tournaments, gexp, and much more!
- Housing events.
- Give-aways.

The rules can be found on our Discord.


[Upcoming Events]:

- Saturday [Sumo Duels Brackets 1vs1].
- This week [Bedwars Tourny Week]




<>Guild Discord<> (Updated)
<>Guild Twitter<>
<>Guild Twitch<>
<>Guild Page<>


- Guild Master -

Founder of Matrix!

Mc name: Arnoddf / Discord: Arnoddf#4038
- Chief -

- Overall Management -

Mc name: OhBoo / Discord: OhBoo#7451
- Co-Chief -

Mc name:
4u4 / Discord: angela#3308
Mc name: Clickified / Discord: clickified#8860
Mc name: Honey_Killer / Discord: Klla_Stoun#0500
- Jr Helper -

Mc name: GetYouTheMoon / Discord: GetYouTheMoon#4768
Mc name: Hycu / Discord: sam.#6461
Mc name: Outages / Discord: Yan#1111
Mc name: 9t_ / Discord: Marss#3003
Mc name: untxken / Discord: untxken#7990

Contact any of the staff if you have questions or concerns!

If you want to do a gvg against our guild then please contact one of our Managers/Chief

Shoutout to Kobe_Li and Hiiii for being in the guild for 1000 days!


- Trial Member: (Default)
- Trusted Member: (30.000 Points) (Ingame rank) (Discord rank)
- Elite Member: (80.000 Points) (Ingame rank) (Discord rank)
- Prestige 1: (100.000 Points) (Discord rank)
- OG Member: (1000 days in the guild) (Discord rank)

You earn points by being on the Gtop/Participating in (Mini-Events/Events/Tournaments).
More info about that on our Discord.


Why would you join Matrix over other guilds?

- Level 74 guild, such as a yellow guild tag [✧MATRX✧], a well-developed community.
- You will get 24% chance to get double coins.
- You will get 50% chance to get double xp.
- Guild Mini-events/Event/Tournaments.
- Ingame ranks.
- Give-aways.
- Discord ranks

- Guild Exp Rankings -

Overall: #5
Legacy rank #13

Duels: #5
Build Battle #14
Bedwars #15
Arcade: #20
Skywars: #20
Paintbal #23
Murder Mystery #25

[General Requirements must meet all of them/things you need to do to stay]:

- Have Discord
- Hypixel level 50
- Be Active (Online 4 days a week).
- Be active on discord/minecraft.
- Participate in events.
- Be able to earn around 300k gexp a week (Don't worry we will help you to get that amount)
- Application Format -

➢ What's your IGN:
➢ What's your Discord name + tag? (Example: TheIronWizard#4629):
➢ Are you available to play 4 days a week:
➢ How much Gexp can you get every week?
➢ Country OR Timezone:
➢ Do you accept all our rules:
➢ Why do you want to join our guild:
➢ How did you find this guild:

Answer only these questions if you have been in MATRIX before:

➢ When did you leave:
➢ How many times did you join:

- Applications are OPEN -

[Applying on the Google form]:

You can apply on the Google form OR the Hypixel forums
(Response time on the Google form = 1 - 4H / Hypixel forum = 2 - 8H)

We will judge your application based on what you write/your profile/stats.

Please note that we will NOT be accepting players who play only on weekends.
You must be able to play all around the week.

*Note, if you're going to be inactive for 4 days or longer then you need to make an inactive form.
(Copy paste this below in the comment section or on discord if you don't have a Hypixel account)


We hope to see you soon in Matrix! Thanks for reading.

final note: If you have any complaints or comments to add about Matrix,
feel free to leave them below, or click here:


[Updated: 17/02/2020]