Guild Level 54
Legacy Rank 26
Nov 28, 2014
Guild Master
General Information:
Meiji, originally a cops and crims guild was founded by Abby_Kurai on the 11/28/14. It has since moved away from focusing on just cops and crims, now adopting a more casual and relaxed style to any game mode. Most of our players, however, do play bedwars!

Formerly passed down to notable players like WileBGingy, it is currently owned by former guild master Danger_Ducky1. We are a mixture of competitive and non-competitive players, so feel free to apply if you’re either type!

If you want to join Meiji, GvG Meiji or find information about Meiji, visit this page: [NEW]❄-cops-crims-meiji-recruiting-❄.1003488/ [OLD]

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